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Christmas Markets in the Black Forest

On Monday, 27 November 2017, the first Christmas Markets in the Black Forest have opened.

Kandel Mountain

Traditional christmas markets take place in many places in the Black Forest every year. The flavour of mulled wine, waffles and fir needles, candlelights and the cosy atmosphere attract the guests every year anew. Besides eating and drinking of course you can find lots of local products for your own or for your christmas gifts.

Here you find dates and places of the biggest and most beautiful markets:

27 November - 22 December 2017: Goldener Pforzheimer Weihnachtsmarkt
27 November - 23 December 2017: Weihnachtsmarkt in Freiburg
27 November - 30 December 2017: Christkindelsmarkt in Baden-Baden
28 November - 23 December 2017: Weihnachtsmarkt in Offenburg
30 November - 3 December 2017: Märchenhafter Weihnachtsmarkt in Calw
28 November - 23 December 2017: Christkindlesmarkt in Karlsruhe
1 December - 3 December 2017: Romantischer Weihnachtsmarkt in der Altstadt von Altensteig
1 December - 17 December 2017: Adventsmarkt in Gaggenau
1 December - 20 December 2017: Bühler Adventsmarkt
27 November - 23 December 2017: Weihnachtsmarkt in Rastatt
from 1 December 2017: An allen vier Adventswochenenden: "Romantischer Weihnachtsmarkt" in der Ravennaschlucht, im Höllental zwischen Freiburg und Hinterzarten
2 December 2017: Weihnachtsmarkt in Alpirsbach
2 December - 03 December 2017: Christkindlemarkt in Bad Dürrheim
30 November - 28 December 2017: Sternlesmarkt in Ettlingen
30 November2017 - 8 January 2018: Advent's market and the world's biggest advent calendar house' in Gengenbach
7 December - 17 December 2017: Weihnachtsmarkt in Rottweil
7 December - 17 December 2017: Lörracher Weihnachtsmarkt
8 December - 10 December 2017: Schömberger Weihnachtsglück - mit musikalischem Programm, Weihnachtsdörfle
8 December - 10 December 2017: Weihnachtsmarkt Bad Säckingen
8 December - 17 December 2017: Weihnachtsmarkt in Freudenstadt
15 December - 17 December 2017: Weihnachtsmarkt auf dem Kirchplatz in Oberkirch
15 December - 17 December 2017: "Baiersbronner Weihnachtsdorf" auf dem Rosenplatz in Baiersbronn

25 -30 December 2017: Triberger Weihnachtszauber - thousands of lights enchant the waterfall and the neighboring nature adventure park into a Christmas sea of lights. There are many other attractions, fire show, children's carousel, nativity scene and lots of music and other performances.


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Top summer events 2017 in the Black Forest

  • 13 May - 10 September 2017
    Horticultural show in Bad Herrenalb
  • 22 July 2017
    Night in White - Seenachtsfest in Titisee
  • 22 July 2017
    International Mountain Run in Oberried (Valuation Run Schwarzwald-Berglaufpokal 2017)
  • 22 - 23 July 2017
    Celts festival in Nagold
  • 25 July - 12 August 2017
    Kohlmeilertage in Dachsberg in Wolpadingen
  • 27 - 29 July 2017
    Grand Prix Summer ski jump in Hinterzarten
  • 27 July - 6 August
    Calwer Klostersommer in Hirsau monastery ruins
  • 29 - 31 July 2017
    Black Forest Woodcutter Championships in Schuttertal
  • 5 - 6 August 2017
    Seenachtsfest on Lake Schluchsee, high-altitude fireworks on Saturday evening, Sunday's Drachenboot Fun Cup
  • 12 - 13 August 2017
    Tauziehwochenende near Schönau, u.a. With the best German tug-of-war teams in the final round for the German championship
  • 18 - 23 August 2017
    Waldshuter Chilbi - the great festival in Waldshut, which has been celebrated for 549 years!
  • 3 September 2017
    7th International Alphorn Meeting at the Haus der Natur at the Feldberg, at the same time the Natural Park Market takes place with many other attractions.
  • 9  -10 September 2017
    Schwarzwald Bike Marathon with various difficulty levels, start and finish in Furtwangen
  • 17 September 2017
    Schwarzwald Ultra Rad Marathon with start and finish in Alpirsbach
  • 29 September - 2 October
    Ortenau wine festival in the inner city of Offenburg
  • 29 September - 8 October 2017
    Alemannische Woche in Oberried - The highlight is the Viewegrieb on Saturday, October 7th from 11 am, entertainment, music, farmers market and craftsmanship
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Horticultural show in Bad Herrenalb 2017

In Bad Herrenalb in the northern Black Forest, the so-called "Kleine Landesgartenschau" began on the last Saturday, May 13, 2017, until September 10 visitors can visit the show.

In the newly designed spa park, the facilities along the river Alb, on the Swiss meadow and the historic monastery district, there is plenty to see and discover. Also, many cozy places were created for relaxing and relaxing. An extensive supporting program with events, games and fun, and activities for nature and garden friends are offered.

In any case worth a visit - here a small photo gallery from 16 May 2017.

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Flower show in Lahr in the Black Forest

The flower show 'Chrysanthema' in Lahr still lasts until 13th November 2016. This is a huge flower show of autumnal chrysanthemums, which extends over the whole inner city. Nearly all buildings are decorated with flowers, and numerous flowering plants are also found in the larger and smaller squares of the city. The local clubs also contribute to the overall picture with imaginative arrangements.

On the market square, there are daily events, demonstrations of traditional crafts, participation, concerts, dance shows, show cooking and prize-giving. With a ferris wheel and children's carousel, there is also something for children, as well, there are some market areas, of course, chrysanthemums to buy, as well as numerous offers for the big and small hunger. There are also plenty of streetcafés for a short break.

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Biosphere Reserve Black Forest

In the southern Black Forest is currently under construction, the "Biosphere Reserve Black Forest". 29 municipalities in the counties of Lörrach, Waldshut and Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald participate on the establishment of the sanctuary on an area of ??over 600 km². A biosphere reserve is a model region for sustainable development, which is also equipped by UNESCO with a special certificate. Participating communities are related funding is available, which can be used among other things to the development of tourism infrastructure.

TodtnauIn a biosphere reserve are the traditional agricultural landscape in the foreground, unlike the National Park, where the natural development without direct human influence is sought. In the National Park 75% of the total area of ??use are deprived of human use, in the biosphere reserve are the only 3%.

"With the establishment of the biosphere reserve Black Forest, a unique model region with significant added value for the economy, tourism and nature. Together we are a strong impetus for the sustainable development of the whole region - in ecological, economic and social point of view ", the Baden-Württembergische Conservation Minister Alexander Bonde said at the signing of the agreement on 19 February 2016 in Schönau. Schonau is also location of the office of the biosphere area.

The following 29 municipalities participating in the biosphere region Black Forest:

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